Simply Christians

Welcome to the South Jacksonville Church of Christ, where we strive to be simply Christians, following the command and example of the early church as written in the inspired word of God.

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Gospel Meeting

Plan now for our upcoming weekend Gospel Meeting, December 4,5,6 featuring Dee Bowman.

4th Quarter Classes Begin Sunday

In the Auditorium and Lady's classes, we start our study of the epistles of James, Peter, John and Jude.  Bill Pearce and Glenn Dowdy will be teaching in the Auditorium and Lynn Warren teaching in the Lady's class.  Click on "About" then "Classes" to see the schedule. 

In the office class, Bill Robinson will be teaching a topical study based in Ecclesiastes

Come study the Bible with us!


Friday October 09 2015

Old Testament: Isa 34-36 Isa 34-36

(Daily Reading, ESV)