Simply Christians

Welcome to the South Jacksonville Church of Christ, where we strive to be simply Christians, following the command and example of the early church as written in the inspired word of God.

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Guest Preachers Sunday AM

Dan Cassel and Russ Roberts will be preaching for us Sunday, Ed Harrel's Grandson-in-law and Son-in-law respectively.  Dan lives in Japan, and Russ in Germany.  We're looking forward to our guest preachers.

3rd Quarter Classes Begin Sunday

In the Auditorium and Lady's classes, we start our study of Isaiah.  Bill Robinson will be teaching in the Auditorium and Linda Pearce/Lori Fox teaching in the Lady's class.  We will have some workbooks available for those that wish to use them.

In the office class, Rob Fox will be teaching a topical study based in Acts, using Acts as a jumping off point for particular issues of scriptural authority.

Come study the Bible with us!


Thursday September 03 2015

Old Testament: Job 37-38 Job 37-38

(Daily Reading, ESV)