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Welcome to the South Jacksonville Church of Christ, where we strive to be simply Christians, following the command and example of the early church as written in the inspired word of God.

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Welcome to the South Jacksonville Church of Christ web site.

We will be studying the books of Joshua and Judges in the auditorium and womens' class the fourth quarter 2018.  Come open your Bible and study with us. 

We are a group of people that only desire to be Christians like you read in the Bible. We do not have any other authority than the Bible. 

We are not affiliated with any organization. 

Do you want to just be a Christian? Then this is the place for you. 

We have worship services every Sunday (first day of the week) and bible study for all ages on Wednesday night. 

Click on the "contact us" button to ask a question via email. 

     2018 4rd Quarter Bible Class Schedule
South Jacksonville church of Christ - 2018 4th Quarter Class Schedule
OCTOBER3WEDJoshuaIntroduction to the Book of Joshua
7SUNJoshua Chapter 1Commission to Joshua
10WEDJoshua Chapter 2Rahab Hides the Spies
14SUNJoshua Chapter 3-4Israel Crosses the Jordan River
17WEDJoshua Chapter 5Consecration to the War
21SUNJoshua Chapter 6Destruction of Jericho
24WEDJoshua Chapter 7-8Battle at Ai
28SUNJoshua 9:1 - 10:27Treaty with the Gibeonites
31WEDJoshua 10:28 - 13:7Conquest of the Promised Land
NOVEMBER4SUNJoshua 13:8 - 19:51Distribution of the Promised Land
7WEDJoshua Chapter 20Cities of Refuge
11SUNJoshua Chapter 21Cities of the Levites
14WEDJoshua Chapter 22Eastern Tribes Return to Their Lands
18SUNJoshua Chapter 23Joshua's Farewell Address
21WEDJudges Chapter 24The Covenant at Shechem and Class Summary
25SUNJudges Introduction to the Book of Judges
28WEDJudges Chapter 1Incomplete Conquest of the Promised Land
DECEMBER2SUNJudges  2:1 - 3:4Death of Joshua and Israel's Disobedience
5WEDJudges 3:5-31Othniel, Ehud and Shamgar
9SUNJudges Chapters 4-5Deborah
12WEDJudges Chapter 6-8Gideon
16SUNJudges Chapter 9-12Abimelech, Tola, Jair, Jephthah, Ibzan, Elon and Abdon
19WEDJudges Chapter 13-16Samson
23SUNJudges Chapter 17-18Sin of Idolatry
26WEDJudges Chapter 19Sin of Immorality
30SUNJudges Chapter 20-21Civil War with the Tribe of Benjamin and Class Summary

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